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10 Cool Tech Gadgets To Make Work From Home Highly Productive

10 Cool Gadgets that can make work from home highly productive

The outbreak of COVID-19 has crippled life of humans across the globe. People have been living under lockdown conditions in several countries to curb the spread of the virus. Professionals are working from home to maintain their work continuity. The entire task may seem challenging in the absence of required tools. A list of 10 cool gadgets that can make work from home highly productive(must-have gadgets) has been designed below;

  1. It is essential to have the right PC with adequate RAM to support productivity. The machine should be able to support video conferencing with a good web camera and precise results. Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard is an excellent option as it is a keyboard that works with PC, Tablet, and Smartphone.

2. A good and comfortable chair and desk are also vital as it helps the professional to experience good productivity. As people may require to spend long hours in such workspaces; comfort plays an essential role. Celle Chair can be your best buddy for exemplary support for work from home. WalkStation Station is a cool treadmill that allows users to walk while they work and maintain their health too.

3. Fast internet connection is the essential requirement to survive productive work from home schedule. People may be able to find a better deal with better internet bandwidth connectivity.

4. Invest in a robust Wi-Fi Router connection. It will help in better coverage and the suggested devices Netgear Orbi Pro or eero Pro. Some professionals also consider Wi-Fi Extenders that provides them with decent coverage.

5. Kevo Smart Lock can be the need of the hour as it allows the user to stick to their seat and work uninterrupted because it can be connected to the Smartphone and can be accessed to open the doors.

6. Headphones or earplugs are essential as it helps the professional to focus on their meetings without getting bothered about the noises happening around them. HoMedics Sound Spa is a sound machine that sucks all the noise of the neighbourhood and aids the user to concentrate on work.

7. Compact, budget-friendly speaker not only aces the work productivity, but it also has the power to club entertainment (if it is a smart speaker) with tasks and make the set-up enjoyable. Amazon Echo Dot is attracting positive reviews in this field as this intelligent personal assistant can provide the user with information, news, and music with a voice command.

8. Neat Desk Scanner can quickly scan the relevant documents, business cards, etc. and store these on the computer. 

9. Charger for all gadgets should be in place so that continuity of productivity not impacted.

10. Tile is a great gadget that can be attached to the Smartphone to locate necessary items like keys that one can easily misplace.


Work from home is a ubiquitous sight in recent years, and with the help of cool gadgets, the users can easily manage to work from home feeling that they are sitting in an actual workplace.


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