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7 Best Apple Watch Games You Should Play (2020)


Best Apple Watch Games

Apple watches have a bunch of classy games, and here we are going to discuss some of the best games you can play anywhere anytime. So, let’s go ahead and get started.

1. Elevate- Train your Brain (Free)

This app is a brain training app, and there are like a bunch of mini-games you could play. Everything revolves around memory like there is a mini-game in which you memorize the low dice to the high dice and unveil them in order.

Also, there is a mathematical game where you can solve the equation by the missing comparison and try to explain it in that way. So, if you are a math lover, you are going to enjoy this game.

There are a bunch of mini-games in this app that you could enjoy.


2. Lifeline 2 ($0.99)

This game starts as a story where you interact with a weird stranger, and you are free to communicate if you want to help them out, or you could respond differently. The game could last till 30 minutes, and it’s somewhat like a mystery-solving game. This game is playable on both your iPhone and your Apple Watch.


3. Tubesnake for Apple Watch ($1.99)

This game may look easy to play, but in reality, it is somewhat difficult to play and constantly check your concentration level. 

In this game, you could navigate the snake through a narrow pathway, and you try to collect as many balls as possible. As you progress, it feels like the game is faster because the crown wheel becomes more sensitive. 

That’s a quick concept of the game, and you try to progress and beat your previous score.


4. Mind Keeper- The Lurking Fear ($1.99)

If you are looking for a 3D world platform game, they place surprisingly well, then check out the “Mind Keeper.” 

This game is like you play inside a haunted mansion, and you control your character by using a digital crown. The objective of this game is to collect as many gems that are required to go through the portal and continue to the next level.

There is a story to this game that you find out the more about the story as you progress through the many different levels. And not only that, leveling himself becomes challenging as you progress as well. Later on, there are hidden doors, weapons, and monsters also that come after you later on.

The graphics of this game are worth mentioning, So definitely do give this game a try, you will not be disappointed. 


5. Air Hockey Wear (Free)

This is another simple but exciting game to play. There are some difficulty levels like Easy, Medium, and Hard, you can choose whatever you feel comfortable to play. 

You control your hockey puck with the digital crown, and you need to move it around and try to make as many scores as possible.


6. Fast Colors (Free)

The game concept is very simple; you need to tap on a color whatever the system asks you. Though it may sound very easy, sometimes they trick you into the colors. 

Over time you move ahead in this game. It becomes trickier, and you must have to be aware and have to play it fast.


7. Pocket Bandit ($1)

Are you currently wanting to pull a heist while traveling around at a physician’s office or throughout your adventure that is next? Pocket Bandit can be just a casino game exclusive to this Apple Watch. With over a hundred distinct combinations, players make utilize of the Apple Watch’s crown since the dial rotates, setting vibrations while switching the dial. Pocket Bandit could be the specific sort of quick in-and-out game which we want to see Apple Watch, also using more content as noted by the programmer we think that it’s an absolute staple for almost just about any Apple Watch owner.