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Android vs iOS Mobile Users| All You need To Know

Android more popular than iOS among mobile users 

All of us use different gadgets in our life, but we always remain confused as there are many types of things available. We also get confused about which idea will be good for us. We compare things and then decide what will prove to be the best thing for us. Some people also have that question to find that why Android phones are more popular and why they are high in demand. Many companies are there who manufacture mobile phones. Till now, three platforms are major, i.e., iOS, Android, and Windows. Out of these three platforms, Android is more popular. Today, through this article, we will tell you why people using mobile phones likes Android phones than iOS. You people have often seen that people ask why Android phone is more used than an iOS phone, why it is popular among all the users, there are many reasons which we will tell you through some points from this article. We will clear all your doubts, go through this article.



Android phones are considered more popular due to customization in Android phones and iOS. The first point of this topic is customization, which means that you can customize your Android phone in the way you want. You have varieties of software to use. You can change the wallpaper that you want in your phone; you can change the theme as you like, you can also change the lock screen according to your own, Icons can be changed from one place to other, you can also change the launcher of your Android phone, etc. It is considered fashionable due to the feature in Android phones of these type, but in iOS phones, you can change only a few limited things due to which it is not very popular with people

Device Option

It is also believed a significant reason for the popularity of Android phones. You will get to see most of the Android devices in the market than the iPhone. More and more methods of Android phones are available in the market, as well as in many types of models. And in the iPhone, you will not get to see much of the device option, and they only launch one or two models in a year. iPhone is more expensive, and people are not inclined to use these devices.

File Sharing

Talk about file sharing, so in Android phones, we can easily share any file from one phone to another phone. You can share any data from your phone to the computer as well and from the computer to the phone on any phone. You can share the file; you can also transfer your file by installing an app like you can move the data by connecting the SHAREit app.

Multitasking and Multi-window


Android phones are much better in multitasking than multi-window iOS. This means that you can use multiple apps in Android phones simultaneously, such as running Google apps, you can listen to music, and You can also message friends, in this way you can use more than one app at once. There is nothing like this on the iPhone. Android phone is much better in multitasking.



Android phones are much cheaper than iOS phones. You can see Android phones in the market or online, and you can see Android phones with prices ranging from at least 2000 to 40000 or even more. You can guess that Android phones are different – Available at different rates, but if you talk about the iPhone, then it is available above 40000 and the price of 100000 phones. Not everyone can afford such an expensive phone. Android phones are considered to be very cheap and durable, you can buy online-offline anytime, anywhere, but you can buy an iPhone mostly offline only. It is available only in vast stores.

Because of all these points, Android phones are more liked by users than iOS phones. There are many reasons why iOS phones are less liked by the people, due to their high price and different types of features. People do not want them due to a lack of features.


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