Asus VivoBook 14: Best Laptop Under $500 for 2020

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Asus VivoBook 14|The Best ASUS Laptop In India 2020

Asus has launched an upgraded model in their VivoBook series recently. They have launched two versions, namely, VivoBook 14 and VivoBook 15 in India.

Asus has been optimistic with the launch of the VivoBook 14 model in India. The company claims that it is the smallest and most colourful laptop one can find in the world.

Asus has been targeting the mid-range segment of laptops that provide high performance. Compactness, Colourfulness and Modern design are the USP of this VivoBook.

It is available in different bright colour variants with a modern and sleek design. It has been priced at Rs.49,990 for the Indian market. Let’s dig in deep whether the laptop provides the value according to its price or not.

Asus VivoBook 14 Price in India

The 14 inches Asus VivoBook has been aggressively priced at Rs 49,990 for its base model and also it is amongst the best ASUS Laptops in India 2020 Asus has come up with a great pricing structure in this competitive market. This model can compete with other brands pricing.

Specifications of Asus VivoBook 14

  • Display

· It comes with a 14-inch LED Backlit Full HD display.

· Anti-Glare IPS-Level Panel is also placed on the VivoBook’s display.

  • Storage

· 128GB Storage Memory has been provided in this model. 

· SSD support is also available.

· 256GB and 512GB variants are available in this VivoBook.

  • Operating System

· It includes Windows 10 for Student.

· It includes Windows 10 Pro for Business

· Windows 10 Home for Business is also included.

  • Processor

· Intel Core i3 7020U and i3 8130U Processor variants are available.

· It also includes Intel Core i5 8250U and i7 8550U Processor.

  • RAM

· 4GB Onboard Memory variant is available.

· 8GB Onboard Memory is another variant.

  • Graphics

· This VivoBook model has Integrated Intel HD and Ultra HD Graphics 620 installed in it.

  • Keyboard

· Chiclet Keyboard is installed.

· You can ask for an illuminated Chiclet Keyboard too.

  • Battery

· A 2-Cell 38 Wh Polymer Battery has been fitted in the body.

  • Audio

· It has built-in 2W Stereo Speakers and Digital Array Microphone in the upgraded VivoBook 14.

  • Security

· It has been protected by BIOS user Password protection.

· Fingerprint Security option is also included in the Asus VivoBook 14.

Asus VivoBook 14 Review

Overall, Asus VivoBook 14 has been a grand launch looking at the features and price tag. It’s tough to find a laptop in mid-segment with these specifications as its under $500 which anyone can afford. A dull display and Battery life are the shortcomings of this upgraded version of VivoBook series.

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