Best 10 Email Apps for Your iPhone and iPad in 2020

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Email is a powerful means of connection in our daily lives that we use for workplace and recreation. The endless threads will go on, and your inbox will quickly transform into a congested heap. Fortunately, there are several email applications available to help you handle your inbox more manageable. A few apps scan conversation-based emails or accessible contacts while others filter material based on the type of attachment.

Although Apple has its Mail service built into iOS smartphones, some people want an interface that is richer in quality. Without any surprise, we have many developers currently in the market who are trying to design a perfect iOS inbox. Below are some of the most preferred and best email apps for iPhone and iPad users that help them accentuate their productivity.

List of 10 Best Emails Apps that support iPhone and iPad:

  • Gmail
  • Mail by Apple
  • Outlook
  • Spark
  • Edison mail
  • Airmail
  • Canary
  • Boxer
  • Unibox
  • MyMail


Gmail is the popular email service offered by Google, and the bulk of us use it in our daily interactions. Safari and chrome provide access for its use on Mac, and also Google provides a separate iOS app platform for iPhone and iPad users. Some gestures let your trip through your emails quickly. Amazing, right?

The iPhone and iPad Gmail allows up to 5 user accounts, email updates and many more. The app integrates well with other Google apps such as Google Docs, Drive and Sheets. There’s a unique tug function that reminds users to respond to emails they’d have overlooked. Not only is the search function in the Gmail app quick, but it also guesses and delivers predictive text to help the users save time.

Gmail can be connected to n-number of apps, and besides all these integrations; it is still an adept and competent app in the current market. The mails are organized into three categories, namely- primary, social and promotions. There is an understandable response and smart writing features that allow the responding method quite quicker. It’s been marked as one of the most preferred email apps for its natural and cool features.

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Mail by Apple

Apple automatically has this software pre-installed in all the iOS devices, which has in-depth support and security provided to its users. It’s the most simple device on this list, which serves as its advantage: it’s a quick email server that’s convenient to use.

The app has been enhanced with few new features for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.1, which includes better formatting options by adding scans, videos, photos and other attachments with also markup tools.

 option highlighting the app. A pop-up button key has been introduced that will display when you hold down an email mentioned in your inbox that offers specific quick options. The only place where Mail moves past sending and receiving emails is through a VIP mailbox and updates of threads. Connections added to the VIP list have their very own unique inbox to receive updates at all times. So, if you are a fundamental person who wants to send and receive mails, then this is a good fit.


This app is primarily known for its simplicity and features and is mostly used by business users. This Microsoft’s email program puzzles everyone by presenting the perfect combination of versatility and functional strength. The ‘Smart Inbox’ option and the swiping gestures help me access the essential mails and also easily archive and schedule emails.

Having all the advanced email options, Outlook supports Mac users by providing iOS’ notification actions, and it works with almost any email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud etc. Also, a pleasant addition is the highest incorporated calendar, particularly about adding items to your plan that you just got an email about without having to carry between devices. But if you are looking for options like muting particular spams, then they add as its quibbles.

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Spark comes with a catchy tagline “love your email again,” that attracts the users who use email for their daily communication. It’s not as refined as Outlook, but if you’re an email user, it provides a lot that Outlook doesn’t, by enabling you to dig via the menu and lists to get through.

Spark has all the fluidity and swiping options like any modern app and has a fast respond function, enabling you to send an emoji answer and templates to submit longer comments easily. Again, the Recently Read filter, accessible from the widgets, allows it to conveniently switch back to every email you’ve just been gazing through. The app also integrates with cloud providers to enable you to add Google Drive, Locker, Dropbox, OneDrive files and help applications like Readability, Wallet and OneNote.

Spark helps one to respond to users with a “Like” or “Thanks” quickly and makes chat easy.

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Edison Mail

Edison mail app gives you a blazing fast experience with simple design features and accessible unsubscription features. This platform minimizes the volume of “noise” email you have to handle.  Also, travel information and delivery package descriptions are automatically categorized and sorted into the appropriate categories from the toolbar.

It has a piece of baggage of corrupt thread system, which is simple along with some privacy concerns. Yet, apart from all these, it has all the other modern email app options required and smoothly goes with iPhone and iPad devices.

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This app supports iPhone, iPad and watch users and is one of the marked macOS email clients presenting great customization features. It puts together all the email applications under a common umbrella, allowing them more comfortable to navigate in a cohesive view.

The users have easy control over the notifications and are alarmed with essential mails. It comes with a smooth journey which can also be accessed from a desktop computer. It connects with many iOS apps like Omnifocus, Bear Box, Dozen etc. and push down mails and attachments needed. It is only iOS active, and in a market of many free email options, it charges an amount of $5 nearly every month, making it a little less preferable when seen collectively.

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This app is mainly known for its security options, and it smoothly encrypts your emails. It uses the already existing email service instead of signing up for something new, and it is the only significant app with all these features.

Anyone you’re mailing would require an email or customer care who can decode PGP; else you’ll need to give them an unencrypted account because you want them to be able to access everything. It fits for all the big email and protocol providers bar POP. It comes up with some exciting offers like customizable swipe options, integration with Dropbox, snooze, one-click unsubscribe option and many more. It costs nearly $10 monthly.

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Boxer app should be an appealing option for business clients having characteristics like task management and sync with many platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP, Gmail, AOL, Outlook and many more. It has immaculate and modern features, and these make it more Impromptu to work with. The conference calls can be taken quickly with a single tap, and you can control different mails and notifications individually.

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Unibox is a humanization app that arranges all the emails sent by the sender date-by-date and gives easy access to recall the previous emails and help in natural conversations and cut off time.

Unibox supports both iPad and iPhone and has very light features that help in smooth dealing and categorizing emails but lack snoozing and scheduling mail options, unlike other mailing apps. Though, you can configure the swiping gestures in the settings all by yourself. It’s a free email service provider but costs $5 for Unibox pro app for more advanced options.

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This supports both android and iOS devices and is selective for any email service provider you are already using. It’s an easy navigation option and filtering important contacts adds-on as its advantage. It uses OAuth

Authentication to check in to Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook accounts not requesting credentials from users and instead permission is acquired directly from Google and Microsoft servers which ensures security.

Though, it was said to have some depth security concerns and poor UI.

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