Best Controllers For PC Gaming

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Top PC Game Controllers

If you are searching for the best Controller for PC, you are in the right place. A suitable controller is a needy requirement to play your PC game. If you are a PC gamer, If you are fond of playing the game, then you must have used the game controller, and if you do not, later you must try using the controller once.

Finding the right PC Game controller is not always easy. Today we will tell the best PC controllers which are being used more in 2020. With a suitable controller, you can play PC games in a much more convenient way than the keyboard.

The controller is considered very useful in playing PC games like fighting games and racing games. Games Controller can do many such tasks quickly, which cannot be done with the keyboard.

There are many such PC game controllers in the market at present, in which you will fall into confusion about which controller should be better to buy. Let’s look at some of the best PC controllers in the market.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless ControllerThe Best PC Controller

Microsoft’s Xbox PC is a controller for playing games which comes with many features. Be sure to check out the game from this controller. It is designed naturally. It has been launched recently in the market, by which you can buy and play your game.

It is a wireless controller. The game is played by connecting it to the PC via Bluetooth. This device is available in the market in many colours and patterns. It comes with a warranty as well as a different price. You can buy according to your budget.

 Price (approx)

  • $30 (Apple)
  • $40 (Microsoft US)
  • $65 (Dell)

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

This Elite Wireless Controller is a premium model of the Xbox Wireless Controller launched by Microsoft. The layout of the buttons given in this controller is designed quite differently. It is a slightly expensive controller, which is also available in different patterns in many colours. It is almost more than double the cost of the model launched by Microsoft earlier. But it has a lot of facilities available like the customization option is available in it. If you are looking for a controller for many feature-rich PC games, then you can buy it.

Talking about the specifications, there is a wireless as well as a Bluetooth-connected and wire-connected controller. Apart from this, other features are available in this controller.

Price (approx)

  • $160 (Best buy)
  • $180 (Best buy)

8BitDo SN30 Pro- Best Controller For Retro Gaming

If you want to buy a cheap controller with many such features available so that you can play games on a PC conveniently, you can buy SN30 Pro. You can also buy them in different patterns and colours. Bluetooth is available on it. You can use this controller in fighting games because this controller works well in fighting games. 

SN30 Pro has many unique features like Rumble, screenshot button, turbo button, all these features make it the most different for playing PC games.

     Price (approx)

  • $40 (Tomtop WW)
  • $46 (Tomtop WW)
  • $48 (Tomtop WW)

Sony DualShock 4

The DualShock 4 controller can be considered as Sony’s best controller ever. It has been produced after much research. With this, once you play the game, you will find it very convenient because it is minimal and effortless to run. It works better in racing and shooting games. Among all the controllers in the market, it can be considered as the best controller for playing PC games.

Price (approx)

  • $60 (Apple)
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