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Which Gadget Is Best IQ or Twitch?: All You Need To Know

Which Gadget is more useful; IQ or Twitch?

What is IQ 

IQ is an attacking operator in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Monika Weiss is IQ. IQ’s unique Gadget is RED Mk III “Spectre’. The USP of the Gadget is that it has the potential to locate any electronic device within its vicinity. Iq can easily detect the following items:

  • It can detect bombs in Bomb Defusal.
  • The electronic defuser can be detected when the Bomb Defuser is disabled.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is an operator in Rainbow Six Siege. Her advantage is to handle the remote disabling with the Shock Drone. 

Twitch’s real name is Emmanuelle Pichon. If a mistake happens, then the Gadget can become disabling. 

Which is better, Gadget, IQ, or Twitch?

Each of the attacker or the defender has their style and set of gadgets to support their methodology of playing the game. 

  • IQ is an attacking operator, and Twitch can be either an entry flagging or support operator.
  • Gamers have their preferences. IQ has three unusual guns. IQ’s Gadget is capable of taking out lesson mines and Ela mines. Some find IQ better than Twitch. Twitch is often preferred for her arm alone, F2.
  • Twitch also has a useful gadget, Shock Drone, though it cannot jump. The user has to be creative enough to use it properly by making it jump through the window or dropping it down from a height. 
  • While Twitch is not new-player friendly, IQ is not beginner-friendly.
  • Twitch is the best counter to Mira, and IQ can counter tons of Utility.
  • IQ primarily serves as an intel-gathering attacker, whereas Twitch is fit to the role of Utility Destruction.  


With pros and cons in both the gadgets, the best decision lies with the gamers. 

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