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The Best Palico Gadgets In Monster Hunter World- 2020

We know that in Monster Palico is very important and almost everything. If you are in a hunt for monster yourself for the fighting side with fellow Hunters, one of the things that will separate you from walking away will be Palico. Also, you will, and you can’t know what hits you. So you understand that Palico is very important in Monster Hunter. Usually, the world depends on some other factors also but mostly on the Palico gadget.

Usually, six gadgets were there. After the ice borne expansion, you can get three more. This will make nine gadgets. For now, you can level up to six Palico gadgets available in the game. We are providing you with the Best Palico Gadgets. 

Recommended Palico Gadgets List| Monster Hunter World

  1. Shieldspire

Let’s start our list. We have begun with Shieldspire, and it is among the most valuable and useful gadgets. It’s beneficial in The monster Hunter. It’s also among the most expensive and top Palico gadgets in 2020. You can even say it the best available when you are fighting in all the time so that it will help you in the occasional breather. This one messes with AI and help you.

If you want to get it, you should check for the NorthEastern corner of area 8. In this area, you can begin the quest and talk to cats. When you complete this place, you can collect your children’s fire Shieldspire.

2. Plunderblade

As we know that many players around the world love this monster Hunter game. It’s also among the most useful and top Palico gadgets in 2020. Plunderblade is also very popular among monster Hunter. The game is all about hunting the monsters. This gadget is very high as it will allow you to get some extra materials. But when the player gets the thing that they want, the Plunderblade popularity becomes low.

3. Molotov Cocktail

This one is among the underrated Palico gadgets available in the game. People think that it is very unpredictable to use this gadget. Also, among the best Palico gadgets. They also find a problem in using it and find it confusing. However, this gadget is also handy when you are fighting against the monster. Mostly for the monster whom you aren’t able to capture. Somewhat like the elder dragons.

You can use this to drop powerful bombs. You can also use it for kirin. It’s also used for damage. For a solo hunt, it’s handy. This may be the reason why this complicated gadget is underrated and not among the best.

4. Vigorwasp Spray

Other Palico gadgets help trap the monsters or for damages, status resistance, but Vigorwasp Spray is straightforward, and its work is to save you. It’s also among the most useful and top Palico gadgets in 2020. It will allow to use item and recover health. It’s also the first place gadget anyone can get in the game. You may think that this is not a big thing, but it is because when you will fight the monster. You want Palico to be in excellent shape. Vigorwasp Spray will help you to save a life.


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