Compare Apple iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro

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iPhones have always been the talk of the town for obvious reasons. Every time, Apple releases any new model of the same, the riches add that to the cart and the rags lure.

The all new iphone 12 and iPhone 12 pro are all set to launch this July and September respectively, but, in the situation concerning the present pandemic delays are not a distant thought, still the announcement of the two have started predictions and speculations in the market.

Now, cameras, display and designs will be the initiators of differences and definitely the price.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro Specs Rumors

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iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro: Size and design

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One of the main reasons why iPhones are lured by one and all are it’s sleek and slimmer designs. The latest upcoming launches are coming better than ever.

Reports say, that the iPhone 12 will of size 5.4 inch and that of iPhone 12 max will be 6.1 inch.

For iPhone 12 pro, it is 6.1 inches and for iPhone 12 pro max, it is 6.7 inches.

Rumours also say that, these latest iPhone pieces will have the sake edge designs, like that of iPhone 4. The curve’s getting transferred to boxy design, this time.

In addition to that, iPhone 12 pro will maintain the tradition with stainless steel but a change in the design of iPhone 12 is expected with aluminum and glass.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro: Price

When it comes to iPhone, price has never been an ignorant factor in decision making process, reason’s known to all.

The highest in the bunch is iPhone 12 pro max which is likely to cost $1099(99k,in India) whereas iPhone 12 starts with $649(50k,in Indian).

The iPhone 12 max and iPhone 12 pro go for $749(57k,in rupees) and $999(75k,in rupees).

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro: Display


In terms of resolution, if reports are to believed, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max will offer resolutions of 2532×1170 pixels respectively. iPhone 12,for the matter of fact, will have LCD display whereas the max version will feature OLED display alongwith LCD.

In case, of iPhone 12 pro phones, they would offer same resolution of 2778×1824 pixels. The OLED and LCD display covers the pro version too, with that, it will be a 10-bit panel to support HDR.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro:CPU, RAM and storage

Digging into these details, we have iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max offer 128GB or 256GB respectively. Moving on to iPhone 12 pro,storage capacity of about 512GB can be accessed.

Now, attributes concerning CPU says all the four of these sets will possess TSMC made,5 nm A14 Bionic chip.

This new chip by Apple is contemplated to be 8% faster than the 7nm process required in A13.

Coming down to the RAM, speculations says, 4GB it is, incase of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max whereas 6GB for iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro Camera

Now, talking of that, iPhone 12 will be offering triple cameras with wide-angle, ultra-wide angle and telephoto lenses like the usuals of 12MP+12MP+12MP.

For iPhone 12 pro, there’s still fluctuations of thoughts are undertaken from quad camera or the usual triple camera,with a new sensor in whatsoever be the case.

Not much predictions have been made for the front camera. Suppositions are for wider field of view.

Speculations about iPhone 12 pro max camera,to have ToF sensor or Lidar sensor, is also rounding the market.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro:5G

All four of the models will offer 5G accessibility.

Concerning mmWave Wave and sub-6GHz Network,iPhone 12 pro models will be taking that into account but iPhone 12 will cut short of mmWave.

Qualcomm CEO, Cristiano Amon mentioned that 5G is being prioritized in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro versions.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Battery

A 4,400 mAh battery for iPhone 12 pro max. Yes, are heard it right, beating the 3,959 mAH of iPhone 11 pro.

In terms of battery functioning, iphones have always been the beast of it, and these news models that are about to join the team will suffice you no less, even more, if reports are to believed.

Moreover, taking into account the A14 5nm processor used, we guess, that this will accelerate the battery functioning ability of the phones even more.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro Outlook

Now, it’s not a matter of surprise that iPhone 12 phones will do total justice for the price tag. Phones from Apple have always been awed by one and all.iPhone 12 models are upgraded versions of the same, so hesitation about it’s functioning isn’t what we believe in.

Besides, if we look at the features such as 5G, designs, predictions for quad camera, battery life,A14 Bionic chip and OLED display , these new versions with their launch will definitely introduce a new era to the world of phones.

We will be updating the guide with more information we acquire on the matter, stay connected with Digital Gadget Platform.

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