Google Pixel 4A: Everything We Know So Far

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Nearly a year has passed since Google 3a was introduced. The pixel 4A 2020 launch details are looking to be even more amazing than its predecessor. We have a whole new design and specs. Google introduced its 3A during its IO event in May 2019. However, due to Covid-19, no IO 2020 event is planned for this year. Instead, like Ape with the iPhone SE to launch, Google will be releasing Pixel 4a very soon. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a Release Date

According to the latest leaks, it is looking like the Pixel 4A will have the release date of Wednesday, June 3, along with the announcement of the latest Android 11 Beta. 

It is clear to work out that Apple bought back its low-cost affordable phone within the market because of the Google Pixel 3a’s success. After all, Google’s Rs.30,324 device proved to be the first popular phone the company has ever sold, due to its low price and excellent camera for the money. 

Now, what would be Google’s plan for the Pixel 4a?

Excellent in a more prominent display, smooth performance with a faster processor, and the camera even better. Many people also rumor the Pixel 4a that it has a lower starting price of Rs.26,524, with undercutting of Apple’s bargain iPhone SE.

If Google offers such excellent features to the Pixel 4a at a fixed price, then, in that case, it is going to be another great mid-range phone.

If we talk about our main target then the reports come up with the Google Pixel 4a, which may be released on October 22, 2020, having a July 15, 2020, launch occasion. This indicates that it’s late for a phone, which is ready to ship.

We were supposed to get the Pixel 4a at the May 2020 Google I/O conference; But, the Pixel 3a launched at Google’s 2019 event.

Before Google postponed its June 3 event on Android 11, phone leaker Jon Prosser explained that we would not be able to see the Pixel 4a until July 13. There was no such specific reason for the delay, though Prosser said it was due to the “market conditions,” rather than the phones weren’t ready to release.

Some time ago, Prosser explained that the Pixel 4a might not launch in stores until August. He further said that only the Black version of the Pixel 4a might start in stores on August 6 2020, including the Barely Blue version on October 1. But now Prosser says the blue version is ultimately canceled.

Google Pixel 4a price

pixel 4a
Image Credit: @evleaks/Twitter

According to a leak, the Pixel 4a may start initiation as Rs. 26,530. This would be Rs.3800 cheaper than the Pixel 3a and Rs.3800 less than the iPhone SE.

  • Pixel 4a at $349 (roughly £285 / AU$540)
  • Non-premium Pixel phone for $349 (around £246 / AU$535).

You may be feeling like what does google thinks about the Pixel 4a XL. As per the reports, Google is not coming out with a larger version of its another budget phone because both Pixel 3a XL, as well as the Pixel 3a, did not do well in the market. 

Google Pixel 4a design and colors

Similar to the Pixel 3a, the Pixel 4a may come with a plastic body. Jon Prosser explained that the Google Pixel 4a might come in two colors which are Barely Blue and Black. But, the blue model has unfortunately been removed from the leakers’ listings, which may come up with doubts like when it will launch. 

The two most worth noticing designs of this year’s model appears to be the hole-punch camera lookout, which comes with the Infinity-O displays on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series of phones. In Addition to that, there is a square rear camera module, which carries only one lens.

The headphone jack is on the top edge, which is quite a surprise in the smartphone ecosystem, and there is a high chance of appreciation by the users on lower budgets who don’t own wireless buds. On the bottom of the device, there is a usual USB-C port.

Afterall, at the back, there is a rear fingerprint sensor and the Google logo.

Google Pixel 4a Display

Source| Pocket Lint

The Pixel 4a will have a punch-hole selfie camera situated in the top left corner. The most confirmed word on the Pixel 4a’s screen size has come from reports, which posted the rumored specifications of the Pixel 4a. 

The post includes specifications for the device in which the display is experienced as a 5.81-inch OLED panel.

Google Pixel 4a Camera

Source| Android Police

The Pixel 4a is low in light, but even outdoor shots taken are more colorful and crystal clear. This win’s Google’s phone in fierce competition with the iPhone SE, which would depend on a single rear camera.

On the front, the selfie camera is installed in Google’s 8MP sensor. Also, the front camera might be experienced as similar to the Google Pixel 3a.

XDA Developers also showed the Google Camera app for a 24fps video mode. Also, the 30 fps and 60 fps video modes, which are for smartphone video, will be exciting for video lovers like Vloggers.

Google Pixel 4a specs: CPU, RAM, and storage

The Pixel 4a sets a benchmark for a device which is powered by a Snapdragon 730 chipset. More interestingly, the phone has 6GB of memory, which successfully improves over the 4GB of RAM in the Pixel 3a. Also for performance, the rumored Pixel 4a posted of 4 multi-core which score of 6,366

In Addition to that, benchmarks carried out reveal similar information. Overall the Pixel 4a’s performance does not satisfy the Google Pixel 3a and the Google Pixel 4. This is respectable, but it will not get it as compared to the iPhone SE’s A13 chipset, which also beats even flagship Android phones with the help of the Snapdragon 865 CPU.

Google Pixel 4a 5G

Obviously, after Apple’s decision regarding switching to 5G will influence a lot of people, including Android users, Google has an excellent opportunity to be their mentor to a new high-speed.

If Google chooses for just one version of the Pixel 4a, which offers a Snapdragon 730 processor, which means the company is going to add 5G to its next flagship phones.

Google Pixel 4a wireless charging and battery

The Pixel 3a will mainly be compatible with 18-watt charging. The Pixel 3a did not launch with wireless charging. In Addition to that, this feature looks for the Google Pixel 4a. Recent research for a clear Pixel 4a case with an accessories firm ESR did explain an image of the handset charging wirelessly.

Google Pixel 4a outlook

There are very few chances the Pixel 4a will offer Motionsense or Face Unlock feature, which is acceptable. The latest camera worth mentioning software and Google Assistant improvements should be on the prior list of items every single new smartphone requires.

The Pixel 4a does not need to be extraordinary, only a substantial update on the Pixel 3a. If Google manages it securely, its next best mid-range device that the market will exceed.

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