Google Stadia vs Playstation Now Review: Which Is better?

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It is to be seen from the beginning that no one has developed any major platform for entertainment (games). Then, at a time when people questioned who would be the first to provide video games, these two big platforms were developed in the game arena, in which the first platform is Google Stadia.

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The second platform is Sony’s PlayStation. In 2014, Sony launched PlayStation in which you can enjoy playing video games, and in November, Google launched its game platform called Google Stadia.

In this also you can enjoy playing video games. Both these platforms are right, but at present, there is a lot of competition in them. Both of them are providing various free services to prove themselves useful.

If you have functional internet connectivity, then you can play any game online on both these platforms without any hindrance.

Both Google Stadia and PlayStation have provided the facility in which you can play many games for free by taking membership, and there are many reasons which make both these platforms very good. Today we will tell in this article that both of these Which of the platforms is better. We are not doing evil of either of these two platforms, and we will tell them good and bad only based on their features.

First of all, we have to understand many specifications of both these platforms in detail only then we can say which of these two platforms is the best game platform.

Google Stadia Review 2020

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Google Stadia has been launched in November, on this platform you can enjoy playing games on mobile, computer, laptop, TV, etc.

The specialty of this platform can also be considered that any game can be played without downloading and updating it. It has been revealed by quoting sources that it will add more new features to its platform right now.

8 Reasons Google Stadia Could Shake Up the Gaming Industry

Source| Android Central
  • Google Stadia provides this facility to its viewers for a 2-month free trial(Free/$10 per month/$129 Founder’s Edition)
  • You can play it on gadgets like PC, Tablet, TV, Android phones
  • Speaking of resolution, it is currently 1080p
  • Google Assistant
  • Not much expensive compare to PlayStation
  • No subscription required for online
  • Games- 31+ at launch
  • Portable.


  • No more games available
  • Most games have to be charged to play
  • This platform is available only in 14 countries

PlayStation Now Review 2020

One of the most significant advantages of Sony’s PlayStation is that you can also download any of the games and it has the power that if your internet connection is weak, then the downloaded games can be easily played at that time. The game is available in large quantities in it.

8 Reasons why Sony Playstation Now is Good For Game Lovers

Source| Android Central
  • A lot of games are available
  • You can also download games on PlayStation
  • You can also charge a membership for less
  • PlayStation is available in 19 countries worldwide
  • Performance not always dependent on an internet connection
  • Provides 4K resolution
  • 2000+ Games
  • Game streaming and downloading available


  • PlayStation Free Trial Gives Only 1 Week
  • Speaking of resolution, it is currently 720p
  • Portable play not available 
  • Storage is limited
  • Upfront is too expensive
  • Subscription required for online

Now, knowing the features and drawbacks of these two sports platforms, you can guess which one of these two forms is better.

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