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How to Use Houseparty App: Everything To Know About Group Video Chat & More


What is Houseparty App?|Face to Face Social App

We live in the technology age, and it is difficult to stay away from it, only because it gives humans fantastic connectivity and makes the world a smaller place. Houseparty is a face to face social networking app that allows the users to make use of video conferencing and chatting, group chatting through desktop and Smartphone. It is easily available on cross platforms like iOS, Android, and macOS devices.

In tine recent times, when social distancing is the most prescribed thing to follow across the world, Houseparty App has suddenly become very popular among people who are stuck at home.

How to use Houseparty App| How and from where to download Houseparty?

Following steps can be followed to make use of the app:

  • It can be easily downloaded from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store in the Smartphone. It can be downloaded on a desktop or laptop as well.
  • Making a Houseparty account is the next step, and the user is asked to fill personal details like name and email id. The mobile number will be asked, and confirmation shall be required too. Hence the username will be set.
  • Contacts on the phone can be connected with the app. The app can access the contact lists of the phone, FaceBook, and Snapchat. Hence the video call option will be enabled, and the user can easily group chat or one-on-one chat with friends.
  • By tapping the wave-icon in the app, the user can notify the friends and start the video chat.

How to Group Video Chat on Houseparty App?

  • Click on the Plus Icon on the top right corner. Then search the contacts.
  • If the user wants to join an ongoing video chat session of friends, then swipe up the screen and enter the active group chat window.
  • Up to eight people can chat in a single room at the same time.

It is super simple and become one of the most widely used Apps in the current scenario across the globe.

Everything you must know about Houseparty App| Houseparty app Reviews

  • It is a virtual get-together wherein at least eight people can hang in the video chat at one time. Both group chat and one-on-one chat is allowed through the platform.
  • The contacts can be listed in the app through phone, FaceBook, and Snapchat. It is super easy and user-centric. No prior planning is required to join in. the user can instantly become a party to any open group of friends. It is almost like being in a real party and also allows the users to expand their friend circle.
  • The user can even notify the friend to join in. It is easily possible by hitting the hand-wave icon that is present next to the name of the friend of the user. The friend will get notified and can join in for the video chat.
  • One of the features that set the app apart is that it allows users to play games while the session is on. This feature makes the entire episode of video chatting exciting and entertaining.
  • Recording a brief video chat is also possible. The users can cord the hat and save it for later use. is possible by hitting the ellipsis button that s found in the bottom left of the screen.

So, what are you waiting or? Download the free app and unveil the world of networking with friends.