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Is The Houseparty App Safe/Scam| How To Delete Houseparty Account/App?

Is Houseparty App a Scam?

Houseparty has received immense popularity amidst COVID-19 Lockdown in several countries. Since people are stuck within their premises and barred from moving out of their homes, Houseparty is a social networking app that allows users to indulge in group video chat or one-on-one chat sessions. It has come across a great connectivity platform for the users. But the other side of the coin cannot be overlooked since rumours are doing round that it is not a safe app and hence has led to cyber insecurity amongst users.

Is the Houseparty App safe?

There is no known danger or insecurity attached to the app. Experts even looked into the Android platform to detect errors in the application but nothing concrete or evidential proof against the app was found.

  • Permission has to be sought to join a chat session.
  • In-app options in the application are very low and this itself makes it safe to use.
  • Players are recommended to lock their rooms while they indulge in playing games because friends or friend’s friends can also join otherwise. Hence privacy settings should be exercised by the users while they are in the midst of a playing session. The presence of the Padlock button at the bottom of the screen can be hit to avail of the privacy option.
  • As a company policy, the app never shares the phone number of the user or the contact list of the user with the third party.
  • Again there is an advanced privacy setting that the users can use to protect their data to be used for targeted advertising. However, this is done with a standard warning and can be avoided by making use of privacy settings.
  • Some users even use a fake name or birthday to exercise further privacy or camouflage their identity while using the app.

How to delete Houseparty App on iPhone/iPad

Deleting on iPhone/iPad:

  • Open the app on the iPhone.
  • On the top left, there is a smiley icon that needs to be hit.
  • On the top left, hit the Gear icon. The Settings menu will be displayed.
  • Hit the Privacy button on the drop-down menu.
  • Under the head of Privacy, Delete will be mentioned. Hit that. Confirm the action when asked.
  • Enter the password when asked about sure to delete the account.
  • Hit OK and the password will be verified.
  • The last prompt will be initiated to delete the account. Tap Delete.

How to delete Houseparty App on Android and Desktop

Deleting using email: (This is for Android and desktop users)

  • Open the mailbox.
  • Write a mail to the Houseparty team for deleting the account.
  • The email id is
  • In the Subject field of the mail, write “Request to Delete Account”
  • Write the details in the mail body like the user’s name, password, email address, and phone number.
  • Send the mail.

The ways to delete the app are simple and step by step following the pattern will make it further easy.

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