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How To Play Call of Duty Mobile On Any Android App

How to play Call of duty mobile on any Android App (step by step)

Call of Duty mobile game is considered to be a top-rated game in the world of sports. Shooting enthusiasts have liked this game very much in the present time. Call of duty is a big game that is competing with big games such as Pubg, Free Fire, etc. They are very popular among android users. It’s a popular Android mobile game that is played with great enthusiasm all over the world. This game has been uploaded on many platforms. This game started in 2003, which has become a top-rated game today. In this article, we will let you know how to play Call of duty mobile on your Android phone.


The new title of Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released on 25 October 2019. This title is the latest title of this game. This game is currently considered a Royal Game. Today through this article, we will know how to play the Call of Duty game. The following points explain step by step.


  • Google’s Play Store is considered the best for downloading mobile apps, and the first Call of duty is to download from Play Store.

  • In the second step of how to play Call of duty mobile, you will have to download the Call of Duty mobile app and the OBB file. You should download this from a third party website, and while downloading, take special care that it is a safe and reliable source.

  • After downloading, you open the app and say yes to all types of permission. Your size is more than 1GB, so it is mandatory to have space on your phone.

  • After giving all kinds of permission, you have to create your account on the Call of duty. Here you get an excellent facility that you can play without creating an account.
  • After you create an account, after that, you will get to see many options inside like you will get to see the game level to play, and also you will get to see different options related to the type of play.

  • As soon as you have arranged all the settings related to playing, you can then click on the level and start playing the game. By playing this game, you also get many types of rewards that you can use to buy the tools used to play in this game.

In this way, you can play the Call of Duty game in a straightforward way by using these steps mentioned by us. I hope that you can effortlessly play the game through these methods that I have mentioned.

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