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How to Use Facebook, WhatsApp & Telegram Chatbots to Access COVID-19 Updates

Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram Chatbots to Access Corona Virus COVID-19 Updates 

Social Media is proving to be a boon in these tough times when the world is fighting the Corona Virus. There are several ways in which people are accessing social media platforms to remain in touch with news and information about COVID-19. 

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram Chatbots are beneficial to gather the latest update about the virus. The Corona Helpdesk Chatbot on Messenger has been created by the Ministry of Health, Facebook, and MyGov to provide accurate and factual information to the users about COVID-19. They also ensure that users are alarmed about the fake news that is doing rounds in Social Media. 

Only English and Hindi languages support the Chatbot service, and there is no availability of any regional language. Following are the steps that can use to access Facebook Messenger Chatbot:

  • Go to the Facebook page, MyGov Corona Hub, to contact the Chatbot.
  • Type “Get Started” to initiate a chat.
  • Choose from the list of FAQs or type a query in the chatbox.

You may receive a verified message like a text, video, or infographic. The service provides only reliable and credible facts.

For non-Facebook users, WHO’s Health Alert Service is also available on WhatsApp.

Following are the steps to access WhatsApp Chatbot service:

  • Save the number, +41798931892, in the contact list of the phone.
  • Send “Hi” as the message.
  • The response to the text will be sent as a series of updates and the latest information about COVID-19.

If the user is not using WhatsApp, then the next best option is to refer WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub at whatsapp/coronavirus. By clicking on the WHO link on the homepage of WHO Health Alert, information can be sought.

For users who have maintained a distance with Social Media can use Telegram’s MyGov Corona Newsdesk. This channel came into existence soon after Lockdown was announced on March 22, 2020, to provide the latest information about the pandemic. 

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