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Know How You Can Start ICICI Banking Services on WhatsApp

ICICI Bank Launched WhatsApp services amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

As the world is going through a tough time, banks are gearing up to provide uninterrupted services to their respective customers. ICICI Bank has launched WhatsApp services so that the requirements of its customers can be efficiently met. 

Get ICICI Banking Services on your whatsapp, Following are the facilities that the retail members can check on their WhatsApp number:

  • Savings account balance amount
  • Limit of their credit card
  • Last three transactions made by them
  • They can enquire about their pre-approved loan offers
  • Block or unblock their credit/debit card for security reasons
  • They can also get details about the three ICICI Bank ATMs/branches in their vicinity

It is a breakthrough service in such tough times when people are locked inside their premises to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. This facility keeps them updated with their bank requirements without even stepping out of their premises.

How To Start ICICI Bank Whatsapp Service

  • The user has to save ICICI Bank verified WhatsApp number in their phone contact list. The number is 9324953001
  • Send (Hi) as a message to the name/number as mentioned above from the registered mobile number owned by the customer.
  • The available services list will send to the user as a response to the message.
  • The services will be the highlight in the message, and the user can select the type of service required as the keyword from the list of services. For example, if the sender wants to know the balance in the account, then type (Balance) and send it back to the same number.
  • The Bank WhatsApp number responds to the service required.

Who Can Access ICICI Bank Whatsapp Service

Let’s see who can access the service?

  • ICICI Bank service account holder who has WhatsApp number
  • Credit cardholders of the bank can use the service for block/unblock their card.
  • Even non-ICICI Bank users can access the service to get information about the bank’s branches and ATMs in their vicinity. 

Why ICICI bank Launched new banking Feature During Covid-19?

ICICI Bank started WhatsApp banking feature as a way to support smooth banking services amid the coronavirus lockdown. The WhatsApp bank Referral agency from ICICI Bank functions whilst the banking industry has just taken a winner as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

  • WhatsApp Banking: ICICI offers 24/7 x 365days banking services.
  • Offers any questions associated with ICICI services and products on WhatsApp messaging platform.
  • Banking on WhatsApp is safe, and all of your messages will probably be procured together with end to end encryption. Make your own life more familiar with ICICI WhatsApp banking.


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