Nintendo Switch 2- The Coolest Gaming Console (Release date, Specs, Rumors)

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Gaming consoles are one of the emerging trends in the world of technology, more specifically – gaming. These have fascinated not only the kids but also the youngsters around the globe. Certain brands have successfully influenced the better side of the technological events pacing up each passing day. One of those brands is Nintendo. This brand is famous for the unique features of its gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch 2 Release date

From the recent news, it is quite a confirmation that Nintendo will soon release another of its gaming charm – Nintendo switches 2. This is otherwise known as Nintendo switch pro. Previously, it was all rumored about the product. However, Now the speculations are quitter higher as each of the news item or website shows. It was also rumored to be launched by mid-2020. But we haven’t encountered any such fact yet. And the youngster fans are already waiting for the product launch. If it shows up soon this year, they will jump into the seventh heaven.

The first switch of Nintendo was released in March of 2017 after the revelation in 2016. Some other speculations also exist that the next switch might release in March 2021, which would be a 4th anniversary to the first switch.

Nintendo Switch 2 Price

The necessary information that we have is that the base model of Nintendo costs around 299 dollars. So, it is quite apparent to speculate the prices of the final product in the market.

Many game consultants have been anticipating 100 dollars’ increase to the base model, making it approximately 399 dollars.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specs

Every product has its specifications, and most importantly, for a simplified electronic product, the expectations are always higher. It is speculated that the Nintendo switch 2 or switch pro will have impressive internal hardware features.

It is said to experience a hike of 128 GB of storage. It will also support 4K output. However, it won’t be having an in-built program of the 4K resolution. Instead, it will provide a resolution of 1080 pixels.

Apart from this, there shall be an Nvidia Tegra Xavier Processor and 2 USB-C ports. Besides, it has been confirmed that the New Nintendo switch 2 or switch pro would be a TV-only console. Hence, it won’t be portable. Also, it is expected that the switch 2 will have a rise in battery life compared to the previous consoles.

From specific sources, it is also found out that switch pro may be a two-display device. With this information, many fans and users are already curious to see how the dual-display works in this device. Now, the specifications are quite higher on expectations, which only time will reveal.

Features of Nintendo Switch 2

Recently, Nintendo has patented a new device that entirely focuses on fitness. It monitors your sleep, changes the room’s fragrance, tracks your mood, and much more. This is a health-tracking device. With these features of the invention, it can be expected that the switch pro might take into consideration this health tracking game or similar program.

Whatever it is, it is sure that the features of Nintendo Switch pro console are going to impress the entire mass and fan base of the brand as it has previously won the hearts of the youngsters with various popular gaming features like 8-bit games, brightness settings, and different game modes.

What do we want from Nintendo Switch 2?

Nintendo Switch 2: what we want to see from a Nintendo Switch Pro ...

Apart from all the speculations that we’ve been making for quite a while, if this product new Nintendo switch 2 or switch pro comes into reality, we’d like to see some of the features in it. Let’s go through them one after another –

1. 1080p handheld gameplay –

The previous versions of the Nintendo Switch pro console were limited to 720p at handheld mode. However, a rise in the pixels is what would be a demanding feature in switch pro. Users would love to experience the Super Mario Odyssey at 1080p in the new switch pro.

2. 4K support for TV mode –

The fact that there are already the gaming consoles that would support 16K content like PS5 and Xbox series X, 4K support on TV is a feature that the fans would want to see in the Nintendo switch pro console.

3. Bluetooth connectivity –

The current versions of the Nintendo switch have Bluetooth version 4.1, which doesn’t allow the headphones and other portable devices to be connected without an adapter. Thus, it is too bright that we want the switch’s Bluetooth to connect to our gadgets wirelessly without any mess.

Why do we want a Nintendo Switch 2?

Nintendo is one of the finest brands when it comes to gaming. Many of us are just in love with the games produced by Nintendo. However, various reasons pave the way for us to desire the next model of Nintendo. Let’s have a look at them –

  1. The hardware of the previous switch has started showing its limitations.
  2. Many of the games had several problems with ports. Some experience it blurry while some experience drops on the screen
  3. The graphical interface of the previous versions of the switch was not based on the users’ expectations, especially when they encountered the Xbox series and PS5. With the growing competition, it is quite natural for the fans to demand more.
  4. It is not that Nintendo requires a powerful operating system like Sony. However, the users’ improvement is always appreciated, and it would be a matter of power boost as well as significance.

What games do we want from Nintendo switch 2?

Related image

There are many popular game developers of Nintendo, and the gamers can’t just wait to see the new titles in the new model of Nintendo. Here’s what the Nintendo fans would like to experience in the console –

● Cyberpunk 2077

● Marvel’s Avengers

● Star Wars: Squadrons

● Death loop

● Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

● Diablo IV

● Watch Dogs: Legion

Apart from these, the Switch 2 model can be a perfect place for experiencing the upcoming switch titles like Metroid Prime 4, Breath of the wild 2, and Bayonetta 3, which are ideal for standard hardware and come with better resolutions. These games would make Nintendo stand up with the Xbox series or PS 4 pro well.

Should I wait for Nintendo Switch 2?

As the saying goes, time says it all, and it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t give our favorite brand some time to gather our expectations and come up with something. Let’s not spoil the opportunity we have created for Nintendo to prove itself again for the millions of users out there. Though there are current rumors about the console, it would not be right to ignore the confirmation we have. Looking into the new Nintendo switch 2020, let us have our fingers crossed for getting all the original specs and features in the Nintendo change new model.


Nintendo has never failed to amaze us, and it is the right ethics that we expect and wait for the best to emerge out of the brand.

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