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OnePlus Z – 5G, Price in India, Full Specifications & Leaks

OnePlus Z – Release Date| Price in India| Leaks 

One mobile phone has created well-established fame. OnePlus is prevalent all over the world; there is hardly anyone who does not know about this mobile.

Today in this article, we will tell you about the new model launched by this company, the OnePlus Z model, and will share information related to this.

The new model OnePlus Z has brought a variety of new features that need to know. Let’s look at the Latest OnePlus phone.

The price of OnePlus Z mobile is in the budget of many people but stills it is not in the budget of many people. Its cost depends on its specialty.

For example, if you buy 4 GB RAM version, then you will get it at a lower price, and if you buy 6 GB RAM version, then you have to pay a little more money for the Latest OnePlus phone.

Be there because other information related to its price will be provided to you further that you are willing to know.

OnePlus mobile company has launched its Latest OnePlus phone in the market at a time when the outbreak of epidemic due to virus has spread all over the world.

Now it will be seen whether in these circumstances this mobile phone will able to make its popularity, whether the company will be able to meet its target.

Let’s know the release date, price, leaks, and other related things of OnePlus Z. Let us tell you that OnePlus Z can also be called OnePlus 8 Lite.

OnePlus Z Smartphone Review| Compare OnePlus Z with OnePlus 8 Lite Phone

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Price | OnePlus may launch ‘Affordable’ OnePlus Z smartphone in July

An established Twitter leaker has suggested we’ll see the Z in July 2020.

Oneplus Z Android Mobile was supposed to launch in April when Coronavirus has more of its impact all over the world.

The company has postponed launching the Latest OnePlus phone in these terrible circumstances. Will there be any benefit to doing it? Only time will tell. Now OnePlus Z will be launching in July-2020.

If you talk about the price of OnePlus Z Android phone in India, then the company’s award-winning phone is being sold between 30000 to 40000, its price is considered decent compared to other phones.

The phone is available in the market at a low price despite having excellent quality and a variety of new features on mobile. It has received quite good reviews from people in India.

OnePlus Z Full Specifications & leaks

Before the launch of OnePlus Z or OnePlus 8 Lite, no such information came that could be called a leak. The Oneplus 8 Lite phone is the same as all the phones in the series of OnePlus, almost a few changes have been made in this, Latest OnePlus phone. Apart from this, there are not many changes made on this phone.

According to a leak that came before the launch of the OnePlus 8 Lite phone, its back camera is 48mp + 16mp + 12 mp rear camera configuration, and the battery is 4000 mAh.

Triple camera

OnePlus Z Android Mobile has a triple camera, with the first camera being 48mp, the second is16mp, and the third 12mp. The camera on this phone is much better than the previous versions.

OnePlus Z 5G connectivity

The most prominent feature of this mobile that can be considered is that it’s the first model of this mobile company that has 5G connectivity. Now you can enjoy this mobile faster and even more quickly. With 5G connectivity, you will have the latest technology in the Latest OnePlus phone.

The Battery

The battery backup of this mobile is excellent. This mobile has a 4000 mAh battery which is also very fast charged, and the warranty of the battery in this mobile will also be given with the purchase of this mobile.

Here’s why the mid-range OnePlus Z didn’t debut alongside the OnePlus 8 series


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