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OPPO’s Latest Android App Operating System: ColorOS 7

OPPO Unveils its Android 10 Latest Operating System – ColorOS 7

Technology gets updated at a fast pace because perfection is the need of the hour. Moreover, competition is every field is startling, and the corporate has to maintain speed with their respective peers across industry verticals. OPPO is a Smartphone manufacturing company synonym with offering seamless design and user-centric devices. ColorOS is OPPO’s custom user-interface, and ColorOS 7 is OPPO’s latest Android App Operating System that has the edge over the previous versions. 

The technology yields the best features of Android 10. It was at the end of October 2019 that the company started rolling out the device, that it named ColorOS 7, enriched with new features in the market. Immense interest to every detail has put together to create a simple yet aesthetically featured beautiful handset with an immaculate style to provide a flawless Smartphone experience to the users.

ColorOS 7 – Top 15 New Changes / Features

By C4ETech

Oppo Phone Android 10 updates

With new handset offer advantages to the users that were practically absent in the earlier versions:

  1. Users can get all expected features of Android 10 as the new technology is base on the same, which means that the users will gain exposure to better screen experience with full-screen navigation buttons. The latest OS also offers Google’s Digital Wellbeing Implementation solution over the development of a custom solution. 

2. It offers more wallpapers and an array of selection of static and live ones. The color palette and animation designs in live wallpapers are enormous.

3. The camera enables users to administer the feature like a pro. The picture quality is excellent, with precise results.

4. The Video Editor allows the creation of vlogs with instant results and sharing options.

5. The Text Scanner present in Android 10 offers sharp text vision, and the blurred document vision becomes a thing of the past.

6. It provides privacy to users while sharing the device with other users. The Multi-User Mode allows users to divulge work and private life with apt privacy features. 

7. Smoother, faster, and better gaming experience to the users.  

Which Oppo phones will get Android 10 update?

                                     Oppo Phone android 10 update

Model Status
Oppo A3 It may receive Android 10
Oppo A83 Pro It won’t receive Android 10 update
Oppo A1 It won’t receive Android 10 update
Oppo R1S It may receive Android 10


The Smartphone experience of the users is certainly enhanced using Android 10 as it is a power-packed platform and OPPO ColorOS 7 devices have gathered impressive reviews of the users.

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