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Samsung AKG N400 Launched True Wireless Earbuds With Exciting Features

Samsung AKG N400 launched True Wireless Earbuds

If you are looking for the review of the newly launched Samsung AKG N400, then you are in the right place. We are providing you with its features price and comparison with Samsung galaxy buds+.

It is being believed and said that Samsung galaxy buds+ would be featuring against the well known Apple AirPods Pro. But it just becomes a rumor and doesn’t happen. Samsung has also released its other Samsung AKG sub-brand. A new wireless earphone has been bringing out, which are known for active noise cancellation. As we know that Samsung galaxy buds+ do not become competitive with Apple AirPods, but the new brand AKG is water-resistant as well as known for noise cancellation.

If we talk about battery life according to the Korean website of Samsung, it has claimed that it provides 6 hours of playtime with a single charge. The case can charge the earphone one time. It merely means that you can get 12-hour playtime. But when you have ANC turns on, 5 hours playtime.

Samsung AKG N400 Features

The AKG N400 also has capacitive touch panels, excellent call quality, wireless charging, quick charging, beamforming Technology helpful in call quality. You can control audio playback and switch different modes of listening but also show that touch panel provides you access to the virtual assistant. It can be a Siri or Google assistant.

If we talk about the price range, these AKG 400 wireless earbuds are the price at KRW 230000 in South Korea. It is around 189 dollars. They are quite more in price then the galaxy buds+. They are 30% more than the price of galaxy buds plus. Hence it is not the official confirmation. The expectation is that it makes its way to different word markets in the world soon.

Key features

  • Wireless earbuds
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 6 hours of playtime

Other features

They are using Bluetooth 5.2 chipset supporting the SBC and AAC codecs. It comes with some ear tips, noise cancellation, which blocks the ambient noise. With the ambient feature, you can also control noise cancellation. TalkThru feature helps you to know what is going around. Two microphones at present in the earbud. The weight of the earbuds is 7.7 grams, and the weight is 65 grams.

Comparison of Samsung AKG N400 with Galaxy buds+

Comparison from Galaxy buds+

  • If we talk about comparison, the new AKG N400 comes with better features.
  • It has an IPX7 rating featuring water resistance so that you can have submerged activities. On the other hand the galaxy buds plus features IPX3
  • The main difference is that galaxy buds plus does not come with noise cancellation.
  •  If we talk about the battery, then Samsung galaxy buds plus comes with the battery then the AKG N400.


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