Here we introduce to our dedicated team and the core behind Digital Gadget Platform. Our team member is experts in delivering quality news on some categories such as Gadgets, Smartphones, and Softwares. The editors and authors are trained for giving the latest news on the above-mentioned categories. Below are the authors of the Digital Gadget Platform with whom you can connect with.

Rashi Gupta – Editor-in-Chief

Rashi Gupta was born and raised in New Delhi. As a journalist, Rashi has contributed to Deccan Chronicle News Blog, Outdoor Magazine, and many other publications. In regards to academics, Rashi earned a degree in journalism degree from VIPS. Rashi covers gadget news and stories here at Digital Gadget Platform.


Aman Gupta – Senior Editor

Aman Gupta, an avid writer as well as a reader. He belongs to print media for the past 8 years. He is keenly interested in smartphones and related stuff. He plays a pivotal role in the news coverage on Digital Gadget Platform. He is the main coordinator as well as the base behind all mobile news and updates.