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Top 5 Gadgets Invented To Beat Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Gadgets To Beat Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has taken the World by storm, which resulted in the downfall of many Industries due to the lockdown being imposed in almost every country. The Pandemic COVID-19 is harming different Industrial sectors, Social Lives, and the Educational industry too. Still, some companies are there which are doing massive business out of it.

Some Gadgets were invented by these companies to beat COVID-19, and now they are generating huge revenue. Now, we will take you through the list of Top 5 Gadgets Invented to overcome the Coronavirus.

List of Gadgets Designed To Beat COVID-19

  1. Thermal Scanner

It is one of the most beautiful inventions used for screening the body temperature of human beings. Just because of the Thermal Scanner today at the time of the pandemic, we can test lakhs of people every day without actually touching their bodies.

What is a Thermal Scanner? What is the use of a Thermal Scanner?

In reality, it is a camera device that turns Thermal Energy (Heat Energy) into visible light so that an object can be analyzed. This device produces an image in the backend, which is known as a thermogram, and this process is termed as thermography.

Uses of the Thermal Scanner

Firstly, this device invented for Military Purposes in Korea. Still, over time it is being used to track Psychological Activities like Fever in Human Beings and other warm-blooded animals.

  1. Hands-Free Door Openers

Hand Free Door Openers are the biggest game-changers in the time of the pandemic. According to Doctors and Scientific Research, Coronavirus stays on surfaces upto three days, so these doors are beneficial in places like hospitals where it is a matter of life and death.

This gadget is available in different varieties with easy to clean surfaces. Being handsfree these doors reduces the chances of Coronavirus spreading through non-living things. Now, sanitization can be done in places like Hospitals and Quarantine Centres.

  1. Masks

Another important invention in the list of Top 5 Gadgets Invented to beat the Coronavirus is Masks designed with advanced technology.


These masks have an antiviral coating, which reduces the chances of transfer of airborne virus by 96%.

  1. Coating decreases the chances of transmission of Contaminated saliva from one body to another.
  2. Masks contain Hygienic Fabric Coating, which makes it safe to touch.

4. Mobile Ventilators

With COVID-19 patients increasing at a rapid rate, ICU’s are coming short of demand. There is a severe shortage of ICU in almost every country, leading to a lack of Ventilators. In this situation, Mobile Ventilators are providing relief to doctors for overcoming the shortage of real ventilators.

Though it is a gadget only that cannot match the capacity of the real ventilator but still in the hour of need, it is an excellent invention for helping out the Doctors and Hospitals in the current pandemic.

  1. Fitness Tracker

The latest invention in the list of gadgets designed to beat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Fitness tracker or the Fitness Bands. Suddenly demand for these Fitness bands has surged up quite significantly. With lockdown being imposed in almost every part of the World, fitness has become the essential part of the lives of people.

With the rise of the importance of fitness in the daily routine of people, demand for fitness trackers has surged up quite significantly. This gadget helps to keep the track record of calories you burnt during the workout and helps out fitness freaks to keep a track record of it. Hence, making it another magnificent invention during these tough times.

So, with Fitness Tracker, our list of Top 5 gadgets to beat Coronavirus (COVID -19) ends here. These were some top inventions according to our sources, and we hope the list doesn’t end here so that the whole World can get rid of this Coronavirus.

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