Xbox Game vs PlayStation Now Subscription Service| Which is Better?

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Many companies around the world are accepting subscription Service, the Business model. And this race is heated up at the moment between big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. PlayStation Now and Xbox are no different from their subscription services. 

Are you trying to buy their subscription services from your hard-earned money? And still not figured out which one to buy then do give a full read to this article, as we discuss the critical differences between Xbox and PlayStation Now Subscription Services.

Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation Now: Which service is better?

Xbox Game Vs. PlayStation Now Subscription Review

One similarity between these subscription services is that they provide access to thousands of games in exchange for the monthly membership. You will retain the games in the library until you are paying the monthly payment to the company.

PlayStation acquired Gaikai- a cloud gaming startup in 2012 for a whopping $380 million. After their acquisition, it allowed gamers to play the games on servers if the speed of the internet is blazing fast. It gives an option to download the games in PS4 or PC from their library, offering more than 500 games.

In Xbox Game Subscription, only members are allowed to download the game in Xbox or PC. Streaming service is not included in the past, but Microsoft has included in Project xCloud. There are no restrictions on the number of downloads, but once the game is downloaded, then you can use it for 30 days only.

Pros of Xbox and PlayStation Now Subscription Service

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PlayStation Now

· Subscription is priced at just $60 per year. This makes it super-affordable.

· Games can be Streamed and downloaded offline.

· Gameplay performance has been improved, and they are continuously updating it.

· All games of PS2, PS3, and PS4 are included in the subscription service.

Xbox Game Pass

· Every game in the Xbox library can be downloaded.

· Members can avail of the discounts on DLC games included in the service.

· Xbox Live Gold can be used simultaneously with Xbox Game Pass.

· The newly launched game can be played in the subscription service.

Cons of Xbox and PlayStation Now Subscription Service

PlayStation Now

· Every game present in the library can not be downloaded.

· The yearly subscription comes at a reasonable cost, but the monthly subscription is overly priced at $10 per month.

· Newly launched games can’t be played in the subscription service, which makes it the most demotivating point.

· It doesn’t allow you to use PlayStation Plus with the subscription.

Xbox Game Pass

· Pricing is a significant concern as it costs double than PlayStation’s price, i.e., $120 per year.

· It provides less number of games in the subscription at a higher price. And this point makes a huge difference between Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now.

Final Verdict on PlayStation Now Vs. Xbox Game Subscription Pass

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We believe that Xbox Game Subscription Service is a smart option to buy as it provides new launches under the subscription. The option of downloading every game does Xbox a superior service. Yes, Xbox’s price is higher than PS Now, but it’s worth it till PlayStation Now doesn’t roll out new features.

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