Xbox Series X: Specs, Price, Release date, Pre-order|Everything We Know

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After Sony declared its new Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft also speaks about its upcoming new Xbox series X. The best competitor for Sony’s PlayStation 5 one could say. 

Microsoft is known as its trustworthiness and excellent products. Microsoft has revealed the Xbox series X that it will launch on the upcoming Thanksgiving.

Xbox series X Release Date

Source| Xbox

But according to Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb’s Tweet, the listing was not that accurate, and the company is supposed to launch it on Holiday 2020.

However, we expect the Xbox Series X may launch at the end of the year. As per the information, November is the perfect fit for the launching Xbox series X, because we have seen previous console hits in the market in November.

Xbox Series X Price

Source| Xbox

Before purchasing any product, according to the customer’s point of view, the main concern is, what would be the price of that particular product, right?

The Xbox series X was revealed six months ago at the 2019 game awards, and over the past few months, everyone is waiting for its pricing. 

The Xbox has been targeting a price mark of $500 since 2013, with Xbox. Some rumors say that PS5 is cheaper than $50 from Xbox series X, but it is much more complicated because both companies use different techniques and hardware to build their products. 

Right now, considering all aspects, we are expecting the Xbox series X to cost around $500.

In July, Xbox will host their major, first-party like event online, to showcase their offerings for Xbox series X and possibly announce the official pricing of Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Pre-order

Though Xbox Series is not available till now for pre-order, it will possibly start soon in July.

As discussed earlier, Xbox will host their major event in July, where we would expect the exact details regarding Xbox Series X Pre-order.

Xbox Series X Specs

As a tabular form of arrangements are the most popular way to explain complicated things, so here we are presenting you the specification of Xbox series X:

PriceExpected around $500
GPU12 Teraflop AMD RDNA 2
Ray TracingYes
Storage1 TB custom NVMe SSD
Optical Drive4K UltraHD Blu-Ray drive
Maximum Resolution8K
External StorageUSB 3.2 external HDD Support
Maximum Framerate120 Frames Per second
Key FeaturesVariable Refresh Rate, Dynamic Latency Input

Xbox Series X Wireless Controller

Source| Microsoft

We are looking at the most feature-packed Xbox controller ever, and it’s little changes here and there that add up the most significant difference. But what can you expect once you’ve gotten your hands on it for the first time, well, for one thing, the controller will feel instantly familiar? That’s because the design is known that fans were already in love with the existing Xbox one controller. You’ll be ready to frag out in an instant as an iconic offset analog stick layout, and trusty ABXY face buttons make their return—no need to fumble around, learning a new control scheme for your favorite games. 

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Let’s talk about new additions, the features that have changed with a unique design were improved to ensure the controller was far more accessible, compatible, and always delivering the absolute best gaming experience. 

Perhaps one of the most striking changes to the series X Controller is that brand new d-pad, it’s like a hybrid halfway between the classic cross shape and the faster dish that comes packaged with the series 2. 

Xbox Series X Games

Source|Ubisoft North America
  1. Right, Memory Infinite

The most impressive thing about this game, it was made by a single guy in China. This guy managed to develop this game in his spare time.

The game was previously available through Steam’s early access and was met with a very impressive reception despite its short length.

2. Scorn

Revealed initially back in 2014, the game has gone through development over the recent years. Before the recently changing course, it was initially a two-part episodic title to focus on a single release. 

The first-person action horror game seeks to make use of an HR Giger like art style to create a haunting and visceral world that would seem right at home in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe. 

3. The Medium

The developer Bluebird team is no stranger to psychological horror. It has previously created the observer and the Blair Witch game; their newest title seems to follow up with the company’s MO, focusing on the psychic medium Marianne.

The game looks to continually shift between the physical and spiritual world as she looks to prevent a coming catastrophic she has. Its music experience is going to be a chilling experience for the users. 

4. Cyberpunk 2077

Let’s be real here; even if this game is released before the series X comes out, it is the game everyone is going to be playing. With the Xbox Series X being quick delivery, even those who buy the game on Xbox, one will be able to experience this at its full potential on the series X at no extra cost.

This should give people a great reason to be excited about the game regardless of whether they get it on day one or if they wait until the next-gen consoles arrive. 

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