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XIAOMI MI Band 3 vs MI Band 4: Should You Buy MI band 4?


XIAOMI MI Fit Band 4|Best Budget-Friendly Fitness Tracker

If you are a sportsperson or a person who takes care of your health very much, then you can choose XIAOMI MI band 4. It is considered a good health tracker. You can buy it and take care of your health in a perfect way. Today through this article, we will give you the rating, Price of XIAOMI MI band 4. We will also know How well its been compared to XIAOMI MI band 3.

With the help of XIAOMI MI band 4, you can keep in mind the various activities of your body. This brand has been made with exceptional techniques, through which we know our body movements and track them. As soon as this fitness tracker was launched in India, people bought it very quickly, and one of the reasons people liked it is that it has been designed in a very attractive way compared to XIAOMI MI band 3 and other fitness trackers.

XIAOMI MI Fit Band 4 now available in India

It is quite affordable, that is why MI bands(smart band) fitness tracker is being liked by people. If we talk about design, the new model is use. You can buy the MI band because it provides excellent quality specifications and trackings about health. To buy XIAOMI MI band 4 in India, you buy it quickly with Amazon.

XIAOMI MI Band 3 vs MI Band 4

By Piotr Ciechanowicz

XIAOMI MI Fit Band 4 Price| Specification & Ratings

If we talk about the ratings of XIAOMI MI band 4, then buyers have described this fitness tracker as an excellent product. We will tell the ratings of this band according to the prevalent online shopping company. If we talk about the Amazon company, then the ratings are 4.5 stars. Amazon is a top online marketing platform, so you can guess from its rating how good it is. Similarly, Flipkart has also given a rating of XIAOMI MI band 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. If you want to buy XIAOMI MI band 4 in India, you can buy it from these platforms. Another online shopping platform also gives an excellent rating to this fitness tracker.


If we talk about XIAOMI MI band 4 price, then it is much cheaper than other fitness trackers. The Price is very cheap if we compare it to fitness trackers of other popular brands. They are much more expensive, and the price is much higher than that of XIAOMI MI fit band 4. The Price of this band on Amazon is around 2300. Along with this, the company is also providing a 1-year warranty, which is attracting buyers a lot. You can buy this fitness tracker because, at such a low price, you will not find such a good fitness tracker anywhere.


There is a lot of Specifications of XIAOMI MI band 4. These features will be understood by some points.

  • Battery Life: If we talk about XIAOMI MI band 4 battery, it is perfect compared to other company’s bands. Its battery is 135 mAh which lasts quite a long time, due to its exclusivity, this band is trendy.
  • Larger display: The Mi Band 4 display is 39% colorful large display compared to Mi Band 3. The display has been improved, which makes it better.
  • Material: According to the company, very high-quality material has used to make this band, due to which it looks beautiful.
  • Other Quality: It can show different abilities of our body like heart rate, distance traveled, etc.

How is it better from MI fit band 3? And why should you buy it?

XIAOMI MI band 4 comes with a lot of specifications which is not there in Mi Band 3. Some of the features like the display of Mi Band 3 were not colorful, but the display of Mi Band 4 is colorful and slightly bigger. Mi Band 4 has better battery life than Mi Band 3. Mi band 4 also comes with a touch display, which makes it better than band 3. 

You should buy MI band 4 because it comes with lots of quality features and is cheap as compared to other fitness trackers. MI also provides you with quality with a warranty so you can go for it.

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